Fabián VillaMichel Morales

Mr. VillaMichel is Modus Operandi’s managing partner and creative director. He is responsible for all development aspects of the process, and is directly involved with formulating, overseeing and finalizing the technical aspects of all projects. After gaining his bachelor’s degree from the Autonomous University of Central America, Costa Rica, Mr. VillaMichel moved to California to study at the world renowned Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci-Arc). Noted for it’s history as a breeding ground for famed Pritzker prize winning architects, Sci Arc would be fundamental in shaping the direction of Mr Villamichel’s career. In 2005 Mr Villamichel left Sci Arc with a Master’s degree in Architecture, with Emphasis on Research and Metropolitan Design. Nearly a decade down the road, Mr Villamichel has established a reputation as an honest, determined, creatively gifted architectural designer. He considers his business to be his pleasure, and is in his element channeling, communicating, and physically manifesting design ideas. When he isn’t designing, he can be found surfing, practicing yoga, exploring consciousness, teaching, and generally doing his best to live his life as if it were a work of art.

Arq. Javier Clare Jiménezjavier-clare.png

Mr Clare has been with Modus Operandi since it’s inception. During that time, he graduated from Universidad Veritas with a Bachelor in Architecture and design, and has received praise from the Costa Rican government for his work on sustainable designs. He approaches each project as a blank canvas on which to fuse his architectural design experience with a fresh creative perspective. He is passionate, analytical, methodical, and is known for his effectiveness in problem solving and communicating ideas. Throughout every step of the process, he is there to conceptualize, design, collaborate, and assist on projects. He is currently in charge of both the management, analysis and feasibility of new projects, and developing master proposals for future projects. Mr. Clare is a respected veteran of his trade. Together with architects Ricardo Sevilla and Sergio Furgone, he has designed hotel projects, master plan designs, landscape and housing prototypes.

Carlos Ramirez

As a keen surfer, off-grid environmentalist, and armchair anthropologist, Mr Ramirez designs take their inspiration from the natural world, and particularly, a deep interest in how humans react psychologically to their space and environment. After graduating from Veritas University with a degree in architecture, Mr Ramirez has striven to ensure that his work is a celebration of the natural beauty of the country he is proud to call home. His designs reflect his belief that traditional urban environments are culpable in creating a disconnect between nature and it’s human inhabitants, and that an ability to connect to the natural world is more important than ever to human society. His work seeks to redress this balance.

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